• Syracuse Office Environments delivers the comfort, flexibility and design your business needs to be productive and profitable. Family-owned for more than 50 years, SOE believes that creating great spaces depends on building strong relationships with our customers.


    Syracuse Office Environments commits itself to building strong relationships with the customers, just as it has since 1958.

    The vision that Walter Sweeney developed when he founded the company more than six decades ago carries on thanks to the leadership of his sons, who extend SOE’s customer-focused philosophy today. The Sweeney brothers take pride in their roots, firmly planted in a historic space next door to Syracuse’s iconic Niagara Mohawk building.

    Syracuse Office Environments, A preferred Haworth Dealer, offers a wealth of services and innovative products for businesses of any size or industry, including health care, education, manufacturing and finance as well as local, state and federal governments. SOE provides the planning and product resources your business needs to heighten productivity … and profits.

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